Terms Of Agreement

REGAL Club “REGAL” is a Members Only Network which meets one time a month to celebrate life, business achievements, and public service.  Membership fees will be used to secure event and venue locations for REGAL and partial proceeds will be given to a charity organization of choice. A REGAL Membership entitles invited members to attend REGAL events & activities at chosen exclusive locations. Members are required to abide by all local laws while attending a REGAL private event or activity and a Membership is subject to termination for failure to abide by terms and conditions contained in this agreement.

REGAL, its officers, employees, agents, and representatives are held harmless from any liability while at any REGAL event or activity and not responsible for the conduct or acts of any member. REGAL reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or modify this Agreement and this Membership Agreement shall be governed by the Laws of the State of Maryland. As a REGAL Member, you acknowledge and understand that REGAL has no relationship or association with any other organizations in Maryland, Washington, DC or Virginia except for those expressly acknowledged.

Privacy; Please rest assured that your confidential information will not be sold or in any way shared with any other company or individual. This information is for the exclusive use of REGAL and shall remain private.

Event Cancellation Policy: Membership cancellations are accepted up to 4 days (by noon) prior to the event for a credit of fees paid. These fees will be returned to you or can be applied towards a membership for the month of your choice. Cancellations made after 4 days prior to the event and no-shows forfeit the paid fee. No refunds. Restaurants, hotels and banquet venues MUST do a lot of planning for special dinner events and REGAL secures financial guarantees with establishments in order to host our events. Memberships fees to participate in events (tours, shows, any non-dinner event) are non-refundable. All memberships are purchased in advance and held for you and are non-refundable to REGAL.